About the Savoy Ball
About The Savoy Ball
3 live bands, top swing DJs!
Dancing til 2am
Vintage - what to wear, fashion, vintage stalls, 1940s photographer
Amazing period ballroom!
Ticket prices and on-line booking
the 6th annual Savoy Ball takes place at The Grand Hall, Battersea Arts Centre, London SW11, on Saturday 10th March 2007 from 7.30pm to 1am
The Savoy Ball 2006
an extravagant evening of big band swing, world-class cabaret, vintage style and dancing til the early hours in one of London's finest period venues...

Dress code - "vintage New York" or Black Tie/Evening Dress

This is the website for the 6th annual Savoy Ball - you might also like to take a look at The Savoy Special - a whole weekend of dancing around The Savoy Ball - including competitions and workshops too!

the savoy ball
Step back in time as we take you on a tour of 1930s & 40s New York...
Listen to the Jazz go down...
Slip inside a jazz club, sip a cocktail, soak up the atmosphere, put on your dancin' shoes! Adrian Cox & his Savoy All-Stars are really swingin' tonight - serving up a fine cocktail of hot jazz and swing!

Take in the show...
The Savoy Ball Cabaret is a world-class show featuring the best in dance (tap, lindy hop, jazz and other styles) and variety - this year we once again feature the world-famous Harlem Hot Shots - Sweden's hottest export!

Savoy Ballroom Marquee (from stage backdrop)
Head on over to the legendary Savoy Ballroom...
There's only one place to be tonight!
Sticky Wicket's back in town with some of the best sidemen in the business and a wonderful singer - a 14-piece Big Band to blow your blues away and get you dancin' and swingin' til the early hours...

...so put on your dancin' shoes, straighten up your white tie, top hat and tails, and head on uptown... to the Savoy Ball!

The Savoy Ball was conceived back in 2002 as a tribute to the legendary Savoy Ballroom of Harlem, New York City, where Lindy Hop dancing was taken to its greatest heights during the 1930s...

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Savoy Ballroom
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The Savoy Ballroom located in Harlem, New York City, was a medium sized ballroom for music and public dancing that was in operation from 1926 to 1958. It was located between 140th and 141st Streets on Lenox Avenue.

The Savoy was a popular dance venue from the late 1920s to the 1950s and many dances such as Lindy Hop became famous here. It was known downtown as the "Home of Happy Feet" but uptown, in Harlem, as "the Track". Unlike the 'whites only' policy of the Cotton Club, the Savoy Ballroom was integrated where white and black Americans danced together.

Chick Webb was the leader of the best known Savoy house band during the mid-1930s. A teenage Ella Fitzgerald, fresh from a talent show win at the Apollo Theater, became its vocalist.

The Savoy regularly staged "Battle of the Bands" promotions that usually occurred between a house and a guest band, although not necessarily. Sometimes the bands would trade numbers at the change-over point between sets. Invariably packed when these events took place, there was little room to dance, and the crowd would vote as to who was their favourite band, band leader, vocalist etc.

Two of the most famous "battles" happened when the Benny Goodman Orchestra challenged Chick Webb in 1937 and in 1938 when the Count Basie Band did the same. The general assessment was that they both lost, to Chick Webb.

The ballroom was on the second floor and a block long. It had a double bandstand that held one large and one medium sized band running against its east wall. Music was continuous as the alternative band was always ready in position ready to pick up the beat, when the previous one had completed its set. The Savoy was unique in having the constant presence of a skilled elite of the best Lindy Hoppers. Usually known as "Savoy Lindy Hoppers" occasionally they turned professional, such as Whitey's Lindy Hoppers and performed in Broadway and Hollywood productions.

Stompin' at the Savoy, a 1934 Big Band classic song and jazz standard, was named after the ballroom.

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